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Bat Castle- The Book

Image of Bat Castle- The Book


Brutal: BLAST BEATS! Several songs have all the brutality of Hate Eternal. These guys are very focused on crushing their listeners. BLAST BEATS! They often employ dynamics that go to a very light side, but more as a comic interlude. Anyway, there are a few songs that don't employ the dynamics and just rip you apart at breakneck speed the whole way, but most songs have a fine dynamic.

Songwriting: these songs are more catchy than any extreme music you have ever heard. The songwriter, B.C. Lewis, has written hundreds of songs for every genre you can imagine, but he shines best at the brutally catchy, but sometimes funny death metal songs. You have not heard anything like this.

Technical: again, B.C. Lewis is a trained classical and jazz musician and Bat Castle lock into flashy technical grooves, odd tempos, and bizarre timing signatures to give you something you haven't heard before. And the rest of the band are up to par in working to achieve a precise technical expression of brutal grooves. And the perfect use of synthesizers, in my opinion, is fairly subtle.

Entertainment: every song is a wild rollercoaster into a dark, spooky, and sometimes comical world. Imagine the music in the movie Corpse Bride (or any other Tim Burton/Danny Elfman thing), and then add blast beats and catastrophic meteor impacts exploding everywhere...and demons, lots of demons, and really wicked monsters.

Energy: the dynamic goes from .50 caliber machine gun brutality with utterly guttural growling barks and screeches to hilarious melodramatic choral singing theater-style and then back to the death metal with a nice thread that pulls it all together. You are on edge and ready to sing the next chorus.

Lyrics: furious creativity and excellent brutality and a Discordian/subgenius bent. Their lyrics usually do NOT express a basic emotion like Anger, Rage, Fear, etc. No, instead they have songs that make a game from established dogma and invent new themes of brutality not covered before such as a meteor shower that destroys earth, or a giant spider that eats everyone in an old house, or a board game where players play as demons,or a starving vampire or the illusion of the season of Spring.

This album is simply balls out badass. Remember, the band had King Diamond's drummer, Matt Thompson, for about 4 years.

You have not heard anything like this before.