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The Raven Charter - The Kidnapping EP

Image of The Raven Charter - The Kidnapping EP


“Headlining The Chuggin’ Monk that night will be The Raven Charter, who may not be a band that is known by every single local music fan, but they should be. Their live performances are nothing short of mind-blowing, and you see a six-piece rock outfit that is perfectly in tune with one another. Explosive and dynamic are just two words that come to mind to describe their shows; a type of show you can only get after spending years together (they began in 2005) and constantly doing live shows to perfect their chemistry on stage. It’s a performance that can rival many national touring acts, while their music has a truly creative edge to it, and while it’s rooted in rock, there’s quite a bit of a forward-thinking progressive rock element thrown in. And to ensure they’re not just your typical rock band, there are more than a few tracks that utilize two and even three part harmonies from some of the members. (Listen to “No Direction” and “Kidnapping”.)”
Jordan Buford - The Music Enthusiast