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The House Harkonnen - Vol.7 Vinyl


Limited Edition (only 100 pressed) on Green Vinyl with hand Printed Sleeves.

1. Beastmode
2. I sell Death
3. 9 Lives
4. Ocean
5. Pressurize
6. Ft.Worth Body Count
7. Nuclear Swing
8. Ad Lucem by Lamplight
9. Raildriver
10. Bombs Away
11. Megaton
"As the name entails this is one more volume you need to add to your collection by The House Harkonnen. Pure Rock n' Roll Baddassness. If you're a fan of pounding drums, loud guitars and anything that makes you want to get in your car, pop in an AC/DC album and out run some cops, then this is for you. Hopefully this album will finally be the one to let the world hear what has been known to us in the DFW metroplex for years.. Go get yourself vol. 3,4,5 & 6 too and you will question what you've been doing with your life if you havent been listening to them." Review from Itunes

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