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The House Harkonnen Vol.6


The 2009 release, Vol. 6, is a sonic wall of punk driven metal. If you take High On Fire, Fu Manchu, Buzzo*ven, Motorhead, Alabama Thunderpussy, The Sword and Dixie Witch, wrap them up with the dueling guitars of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal’s influence on early Metallica, you get some sort of feel for what The House Harkonnen represents.

The opener “Let Me Get To The Point” does just that, letting the listener know exactly what the band is about. Without skipping a beat or the listener even noticing, you are deep into the second cut, “The Knife”. Two songs in, and you know you are deep in a forcible juggernaut. That’s how you start a record -don’t let your audience breathe, go for the kill early, and hook them in.

And it doesn’t let up. “Electrinator” comes at you without warning fueled by punk driven metal riffs, on “Silo Town U.S.A.”, Alex Johnson’s ravaged vocals hurt YOUR throat, and continues on through until the final songs on the record, the brutally beautiful sonic structure of the instrumental “The Stanford Torus” and the bludgeoning final track, “Tough F*cking News”.

At this point you try to collect your thoughts, because you’ve been through the ringer. 8 songs in 28:17 on a record that doesn’t let up until the end.

And then you start it over again, and you will.

Watch for these guys, seriously. They have 5 records before this one that I need to get my hands on, and believe me, I shall.