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The Dangits - Greatest hits Vol.1

Image of The Dangits - Greatest hits Vol.1


The Dangits exploded out of the east (their original stomping ground is Arlington’s Caves Lounge) with a sound redolent of Aussie and Scandi despoilers like Rose Tattoo and the Hellacopters. The Dangits recently dropped a raucous debut disc modestly entitled Greatest Hits, Vol. 1.
Over a dozen songs that blast by in 25 manic minutes, fireplug frontman Mike Noyes roars with mic-eating intensity while splitting lead-rhythm duties with lanky ax-slinger Branden Smith. Drummer Mark Baker and bassist Paul Blank provide the solidest of foundations. Baker had been in the band only a few weeks at the time of the sessions. However, he and Noyes previously played together in Speedealer, and his flashy tub-thumping fits the band like the proverbial hand in glove.

The titles tell the tale: “Wasted,” “Gotta Get Some Action” (not a Hellacopters cover), “Rock Is Dead,” “Get Up & Go.” These guys glory in the muscular tones of Gibson guitars and Marshall amps, and their lyrics celebrate a life of speed and wild abandon. Join them and be righteously rawked.